How? Cloud!

Cloud computing delivers a better way to store, use and process information that relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices involved.

Cloud offers you a better way to optimize costs for hardware and software infrastracture and provides a reach and uniform user experience. 

We are particularry experienced in developing solutions for Office 365 cloud services provided by Microsoft.


Sharepoint Online - Site Search Index Management App

The application was born from the ideea of creating a tool that can easily manage the search index status for site collections and sub sites in SharePoint Online.

So what does this tool do? It allows administrators to schedule/unschedule any SharePoint site from the tenant for re-crawl and see current crawl status. You can easily add multiple site collections, get all the related sub sites and update them individually or all of them.

This application is also creating a history list where all the operations done whitin the application are stored. It allows tracking a record for a specific site by simply clicking a button.

Why this application is usefull? Why should you get the app?

  • It can actually allow you to "order" a full crawl on your tenant as this option is not available by default on SharePoint Online;
  • A modern interface that can display and update current crawl status for the desired site collections and subsites;
  • Single installation anywhere you want (no need to install it on each site collection);
  • There are multiple filter and search options for each module;
  • Effective customer support directly from developpers;
  • You can order additional custom functionalities for the application at special prices.
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